Water Project


The orphanage has physical capacity for over 200 children—and local police, families and tribal leaders continue to ask Pastor Harrison to take more children. With this opportunity to safely house and care for the children comes a responsibility to be able to provide for their water needs. Mutomo is in an arid area. When it is rainy season, there is still not enough rainfall to completely fill one water tank.

By investing in solar in Phase 2, a more significant impact is made. With electricity, we can provide proper lighting, fans, sewing machines, an art and carpentry space, computers, a small library with teaching videos, etc.

Much like the Mully Children’s Family has accomplished in Kenya over the last 30+ years, but on a smaller scale for a single orphanage, we hope to promote and achieve self-sustainability in the years to come. For now, we need some help to meet survival needs, teach skills, and build an infrastructure with scalability to support the longer-term goals.

Water project phases:

Phase 1– Drill borehole, install pump and generator, and run hoses to water tanks. COMPLETED Fall 2019

Phase 2- Construct water tower and add solar capability. COMPLETED Fall 2020

Phase 3– Install flush toilets and a drip irrigation system on back side of orphanage.